Top Security Lighting Tips for Commercial Premises

Security Lighting

Security lighting is a cornerstone of an all-encompassing security plan for any commercial property.

Quality lighting goes beyond mere visibility; it plays a pivotal role in warding off potential intruders, amplifying surveillance capabilities and ensuring the safety of employees and guests.

In this guide, we offer advice on how to use thoughtfully implemented lighting strategies to boost the security of your commercial property.

Conduct a Thorough Lighting Assessment

Before introducing new lighting solutions, it’s essential to carry out a detailed examination of your existing system. This analysis should look into ongoing fixtures, brightness intensities, coverage scopes, and potential dark corners.

An exhaustive evaluation fosters informed decisions regarding necessary enhancements or upgrades, allowing you to improve security throughout your commercial site.

Use Multi-Level Lighting Tactics

Commercial security lighting mandates a multi-tiered approach for better security and this should be implemented across your site.

Start with a foundational layer of ambient lighting to maintain visibility throughout your premises. Introduce task lighting in areas of work activity, specifically at entry points and loading bays.

Lastly, add accent lighting to underscore architectural elements or landscaping. Not only does this offer better visibility, but can also act as a deterrent to illicit entries.

Select Suitable Lights

The type of lights you use are just as important as their placement when it comes to the security of your commercial properties and sites.

LED lights are recommended for their longevity, energy-saving properties, and potent brightness, and are a popular option for commercial businesses.

It is recommended for businesses to choose fixtures with motion detectors for areas that don’t need constant lighting. Not only is this effective at saving energy, but the prompt response to any activity can be an effective deterrent to illicit entrances.

Solar-powered lights are an environmentally friendly choice for places where wiring poses challenges or if a wireless system is desired.

Align Lights for Maximum Exposure

Appropriate placement is crucial for the security of your site.

Align lights to ensure coverage of all key sectors without generating shadows or glare, ensuring that entrances, exits, and boundaries are adequately illuminated.

Fitting lights at the correct height and angle reduces dark corners and hinders meddling for increased protection.

Merge with Security Systems

Security lighting should be harmonised with your CCTV setup to optimise visibility and enhance camera proficiency after nightfall.

Consider deploying infrared floodlights for improved nocturnal vision without generating a visible light glare.

Regularly Monitor and Evaluate Your Lighting System

Even the best-planned security lighting system can fall short without appropriate maintenance.

Adopt a consistent upkeep schedule to test, clean, and if need be, replace lighting fixtures.

With regular monitoring of security systems and lighting, you can ensure peak performance when you need it most across your site.

Leverage Intelligent Lighting Technology

Smart lighting that can be controlled remotely and allows for customisation delivers an added layer of security and convenience.

These systems pave the way for automated lighting sequences, replicating activity on premises when unoccupied and acting as a strong deterrent to criminals even when the site is not in use.

Consider Legal Requirements

Make sure that your security lighting complies with local laws, especially in terms of light pollution and neighbour disturbance.

Compliance is reflective of your commitment to socially considerate security practices, showcasing your dedication to the local environment as well as the protection of employees.


Efficient security lighting goes beyond the mere installation of bulbs and fixtures; it needs precise planning, strategic alignment, and routine maintenance.

Recognising that each commercial property presents distinct challenges, these guidelines should serve as conversation starters with lighting and security experts.

We are ready to help you pinpoint and implement the best security lighting solutions to safeguard your business. Our expertise promises peace of mind, enabling you to concentrate on doing what you do best – running your business.

For expert advice and guidance on securing your commercial property, reach out to our dedicated team of security experts at Full Circuit Fire & Security.

Together, we will light up a path to a safer and more secure environment for your business.

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