Fire Alarms Blackburn

Correct installation and upkeep of a Fire Alarm System is vital in safeguarding human life, property, and business operations. Acting promptly is crucial, as detecting fires early reduces property harm and facilitates swift recovery.

We offer assistance with installing new systems or upgrading, maintaining, and repairing your current fire detection system. Our team of seasoned experts has extensive industry experience and undergoes continuous training to deliver top-quality service.

Being a BAFE accredited firm, we are dedicated to ensuring our service and equipment surpass the highest fire safety standards.

Our dedication to top-notch quality and meticulous focus distinguishes us, providing our Blackburn customers with reassurance that their fire safety requirements are well-managed.

Intruder Alarms

A well-installed and maintained intruder alarm system deters intruders and alerts you in case of burglary, giving peace of mind that your property is secure even in your absence.

Being an SSAIB accredited provider of security systems, we are dedicated to choosing top-quality equipment that complies with the latest industry standards.

Our intruder alarm systems are graded for different protection levels, from Grade 1 for low-risk properties to Grade 4 for high-risk commercial premises. This guarantees tailored security that matches your needs. If you’re unsure about the best system for your property, our team is happy to help.

Alongside installation, we also offer maintenance services to our customers across Blackburn to ensure continued effectiveness and reliability.

Blackburn Access Control

Access Control provides user-friendly electronic solutions for managing access. Our systems are effective and seamlessly integrate into any workspace, offering a cost-efficient, convenient way to secure buildings and assets with ease of use and maintenance.

Access Control simplifies access management with tokens, cards, and readers, replacing conventional locks and keys. User-friendly systems allow centralised control and swift access permission adjustments.

We understand that every Blackburn business has unique access control needs, so we offer customised solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.


Our CCTV surveillance ensures your peace of mind from installation onwards. It offers benefits like monitoring family members or pets. Strategically placed cameras cover key areas, giving you reassurance when you’re away from home or work.

Irrespective of the size or complexity of your property, we can customise a CCTV system to suit your requirements. By utilising cutting-edge technology, we ensure top-notch protection for your Blackburn property at affordable rates.

Our CCTV systems offer remote monitoring for property surveillance from anywhere, anytime. Access live feeds and recordings via mobile app or online portal for seamless security control.

Service and Maintenance Blackburn

A professionally installed alarm system ensures regulatory compliance and peace of mind for property protection. Alongside legal requirements, maintaining fire protection equipment through routine servicing is vital for safety.

Regular upkeep ensures reliability in emergencies, offering comprehensive safety measures. Our expert team conducts thorough maintenance checks, identifying and resolving issues promptly to avoid disruptions.

Network and Data Cabling

At Full Circuit Fire & Security, we have the skills to handle installations and adeptly configure, test, and smoothly integrate advanced network and data cable technologies.

Our network and data cabling installations adhere to applicable regulations, guaranteeing the security of your data and network systems.

Working closely with you, we design a tailored solution that meets your current business needs, budget, and future growth plans. This ensures maximum efficiency in meeting your network and data cabling demands.

To keep your network and data cabling in top shape, we provide routine health checks. Our team will evaluate and test all parts of your cabling system, pinpointing any issues and suggesting maintenance or upgrades.

About Full Circuit Fire & Security

When choosing a security provider, you want to make sure you receive the highest level of trust and we understand this. We have over 40 years of experience working in Blackburn in the fire and security industry, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with top-quality service and peace of mind.

We are SSAIB certified, BAFE accredited and CHAS approved as professional, fully registered and responsible security system providers.

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