Fire Alarms Preston

Correct installation and upkeep of a Fire Alarm System are vital for protecting lives, property, and business. Acting promptly is crucial, as detecting fires early minimises harm and speeds up recovery.

We provide support in establishing new systems, as well as enhancing, maintaining, and fixing your existing fire detection system. Our knowledgeable specialists have vast industry knowledge and receive ongoing training to provide excellent service.

As a BAFE accredited company, we are committed to exceeding the highest fire safety standards with our services and equipment. Our emphasis on quality and meticulous attention to detail sets us apart, giving our Preston customers peace of mind that their fire safety needs are expertly handled.

Access Control

Access Control offers electronic solutions that are user-friendly for access management. Our systems integrate smoothly into any workspace, providing a cost-effective and convenient way to secure buildings and assets with simple maintenance.

Access Control streamlines access management by using tokens, cards, and readers instead of traditional locks and keys. Easy-to-use systems enable centralised control and quick adjustments to access permissions.

Recognising the distinct access control requirements of each Preston-based business, we provide customised solutions tailored to meet your exact needs.

Intruder Alarms Preston

With a correctly installed and consistently serviced intruder alarm system, you can discourage intruders and get notified of break-ins, safeguarding your property while you’re not around. As a provider of security systems accredited by SSAIB, we focus on choosing high-quality equipment that meets the latest industry standards.

Our intruder alarm systems are classified into various protection levels, ranging from Grade 1 suitable for low-risk properties to Grade 4 ideal for high-risk commercial premises. This ensures customised security solutions that align with your specific requirements. If you’re uncertain about the most suitable system for your property, our team is ready to assist you.

In addition to installation, we provide maintenance services in Preston to guarantee ongoing efficiency and reliability.

Service and Maintenance

A properly installed alarm system guarantees compliance with regulations and offers peace of mind for property security. In addition to meeting legal obligations, it is crucial to uphold the safety of fire protection equipment through regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance guarantees reliability during emergencies, providing comprehensive safety precautions. Our skilled team performs detailed inspections, promptly identifying and resolving any issues to prevent property disruptions across Preston.

Preston CCTV

Our CCTV surveillance provides peace of mind right from setup. It includes advantages such as overseeing loved ones or pets. Cameras placed strategically cover crucial zones, providing comfort when you’re not at home or work.

Regardless of your property’s size or complexity, we can tailor a CCTV system to meet your needs. Using advanced technology, we guarantee high-quality security for your property in Preston at competitive prices.

Our CCTV systems provide remote monitoring for property surveillance at any time and from any location. Easily access live feeds and recordings through a mobile app or online portal to enhance security oversight.

Network and Data Cabling Preston

Full Circuit Fire & Security possesses the expertise to supervise installations and efficiently configure, test, and seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge network and data cable technologies. Our network and data cabling installations comply with relevant regulations to protect your data and network systems.

By working closely with you, we create a customised solution that aligns with your present business requirements, financial constraints, and future expansion strategies. This guarantees optimal efficiency in fulfilling your network and data cabling requirements.

To ensure your network and data cabling remain in optimal condition, we offer regular health assessments. Our specialists will assess and test all components of your cabling system, identifying any issues and recommending necessary maintenance or enhancements.

About Full Circuit Fire & Security

When selecting a security provider, ensuring utmost trust is paramount. Leveraging over 40 years of expertise in fire and security within Preston, we are committed to delivering premium service to our clientele.

Our security system providers hold certifications from SSAIB, BAFE accreditation, and CHAS approval. We uphold professionalism, complete registration, and a commitment to responsible security services.

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